Brian Oh, a corporate attorney in New York City, needed a skincare routine that was not only effective, but also safe and efficient. Brian’s own multi-step skincare routine was overwhelming—managing multiple products, including toner, essence, serum, ampoule, moisturizer, cream, and oil—and he was determined to find a solution better tailored to modern lifestyles.

The result is VENN. Built on over 20 years of skincare research and development by VENN’s co-founder and the skincare industry’s foremost chemist, VENN is rooted in science, activated by nature and tailored to modern lifestyles.


Efficient and Convenient

A typical skincare routine requires layering multiple products—a time-consuming, inefficient, and inconvenient way to care for skin. VENN develops products with real life in mind, prioritizing efficiency and convenience.

Simple and Effective

Many skincare products are offered in innumerable variations, for multitudes of skin types and conditions. VENN restores simplicity to skincare without compromising effectiveness.

Proprietary Science and Technology

With Concentric Technology™ as cornerstone, VENN continuously researches and develops ingredients and formulas to pioneer a more effective and efficient approach to skincare.


VENN’s hero product, Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate, is the first way that VENN is changing the skincare industry. This "all-in-one" concentrate is scientifically formulated with VENN’s proprietary Concentric Technology™ using naturally-derived antioxidants and high-performance peptides to streamline daily skincare routines. It is revolutionary in both effect and ease, establishing the category standard for multifunctional skincare.



Purpose-Driven Formulation

VENN is grounded on over 20 years of skincare research. Through its proprietary R&D lab, guided by Scientific Advisory Board, VENN actively researches and develops new, innovative ingredients and formulas to pioneer a more effective, efficient and safe approach to skincare.

Integrity of Ingredients

Every ingredient is analyzed for quality. VENN products use only non-toxic ingredients and are formulated without fragrance, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan and triclocarban.

Exacting Standards & Cruelty Free

All VENN products are clinically tested. VENN tests products for safety and efficacy through third-party clinical studies, and never tests on animals. VENN is cruelty-free.