VENN’s proprietary Concentric Technology™ is composed of three technologies that reinforce each other to yield age-defying results.

Delivery Technology

VENN’s delivery technology effectively transfers key ingredients for noticeable results. Through the delivery technology, vehicles with multiple, concentric layers (like an onion) of hydrophilic and hydrophobic bioactives are created, resembling the skin’s structure, for effective delivery.

Solubilization Technology

Compound K, the main anti-aging bioactive component of ginseng, has partial solubility in solvents such as pyridine, ethanol, and methanol, but when high concentrations of it are dissolved using such solvents, precipitation occurs over time and such solvents are harmful to the skin. VENN overcomes these issues by water-solubilizing Compound K and effectively using it as a key ingredient.

Hydration Technology

VENN’s hydration technology provides hydration both on the skin surface and internally, ensuring that the skin remains hydrated for up to 24 hours.