VENN Launches in One of the Largest South Korean Retailers

Los Angeles, CA (April 26, 2018) – VENN Skincare, Inc., a company setting a new standard for the skincare industry, is proud to announce that its Age-Reversing All-In-One Concentrate, a game-changing all-in-one that delivers multiple benefits for all skin types, has officially launched at SSG.COM, which is an e-commerce division of Shinsegae, South Korea’s prestige retailer.

Shinsegae has added VENN’s all-in-one concentrate to its online skincare offerings at SSG.COM, providing its customers with VENN’s efficient, effective, and safe all-in-one that is clinically tested to fight the signs of aging skin, deliver hydration, and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. 
“As a skincare company with our R&D based in South Korea, we’re thrilled to be added to the Shinsegae family,” said Brian Oh, Founder and CEO of VENN Skincare. “We’ve seen great success in the South Korean market since our launch in November last year, and are honored to offer our multi-purpose skincare to this prestigious, respected retailer’s customer base.”
Based on over 20 years of research, and delivering visible results in a single step, VENN’s all-in-one concentrate eliminates the needs for multiple products, including serums, ampoules, creams, and oils.
Hero Ingredients & Concentric TechnologyTM

VENN’s all-in-one concentrate contains Ginsenoside Compound K as a key ingredient, which scientific literature has indicated fights and eliminates free radicals and active oxygen in the skin, promotes collagen production, and improves skin elasticity and firmness. This skin saving hero ingredient reduces the signs of aging while working with powerful peptides and botanicals that are effectively delivered to skin through VENN’s proprietary Concentric TechnologyTM (international patents pending).
Comprised of three technologies that reinforce each other to ensure ingredients are effectively dissolved and delivered, Concentric TechnologyTM is VENN’s key to age-defying results.

Delivery Technology: Transfers key ingredients to skin through multi-layer vehicles of bioactives for noticeable results.

Solubilization Technology: For the first time, Ginsenoside Compound K is used effectively in skincare via VENN’s patent-pending technology that effectively dissolves Ginsenoside Compound K and other ingredients with low solubility so that skin can absorb them.

Hydration Technology: Provides hydration both on the skin surface and internally, ensuring that skin remains hydrated for up to 24 hours.